A Day in the Life of Dual-Threat Brian Anderson

My final story project was inspired by my love for versatility and the ability to wear many hats and produce! My subject exemplifies that at a great rate with covering multiple roles in his institution and doing it with a great passion. Brian Anderson, assistant athletic director and assistant football coach, took

Photo by: Deiontae Nicholas

over his positions at Macomb L’anse Creuse High School-North (LCN) in 2012 and believes he has made an impact in the community since then. I was interested to see how he made this impact and what he did on a daily basis to create an progressive environment for the student-athletes at LCN.


My final project documented Anderson from his duties of checking student-athlete’s grades to simple tasks like monitoring the weight room after school. Anderson wears many hats during his time at LCN and being raised by parents that encouraged him to express his freelance style allow him to be successful at his job. Anderson believes his passion of sports have put him in the position to be where he is and it pushes him to create change in the student-athletes and entire student body he sees on a daily basis.

I was able to interview Anderson and one of the intriguing quotes he said to me was,” the most rewarding part of this job is seeing a kid go from a freshmen who knows the bare minimum to a functioning adult and being a part of that.” That quote stood out to me because it shows he isn’t just in this career for the money but genuinely wants to impact the youth in his community.

My final project was special to me because it displayed a genuine desire for a career that isn’t seen in our society too much, he does what he does for other people. His motivation comes from seeing other people succeed and completing feats that he himself was unable to complete. That kind of passion is compiled into a story for all of you to enjoy and sit back and should have you questioning yourself if you’re doing what you do for the money or do you really love it? To enjoy this story about a athletic director/coach work to inspire change, watch the video above!

Photo by: Deiontae Nicholas

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