Sports from my point of view!

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My first sports assignment experience was a success and led me to be more confident when taking photos at a sporting event.

I conducted my assignment at Detroit Country Day High School for one of the varsity boy’s lacrosse team in regular-season match. Sports photography was not as hard as I thought it would be because there is a lot of action going on so I constantly had something to shoot.

The action during the game was non-stop allowing me to take pictures at any given moment.

The challenging part was finding tsportshe right place to stand because I didn’t know if I should stay in one spot for the duration of the game, move per quarter or even more frequently. Finding the right times to position myself became my toughest challenge. I enjoyed being around the competitive spirit because I compete collegiately, seeing the unfiltered passion in high school sports was refreshing.

Capturing the game from a fan of high school sports was enjoyable to see the least because I got to take pictures of something I love participating in; sports!

This was by far my favorite assignment during this semester because it allowed for us to capture images of a free-flowing environment.




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