How I created the new age portrait: Trial #1

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Attempting my first portrait assignment was no small feat but I enjoyed the opportunity to try something for the first time. I was able to photograph one barber who complied very well and followed my instructions appropriately.

The portrait assignment was not as difficult as I thought it would be because my subject helped me create ideas for the environmental shots and take my direction in stride.

The process to set up the shots proved to be the most challenging part of the assignment but once that was over, everything else came natural and fit nice. My comfort level with photographing people has risen since the start of this course so this assignment was not as frightening as I had once thought.

Photographing people is more about how you interact with the subjects beforehand and raise their level of comfort so when you asked them to pose in certain angles and lighting, there are no issues.

Finding out the subject’s “why” and capturing that in a picture made it easier to find an environmental photo for this assignment.port

Overall, the portrait assignment helped me gain a greater sense of confidence when I’m out in the field taking pictures in the future.


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