Is ‘The Force’ worth a watch?

This Detroit Film Festival is a popular time to head to the midtown, downtown and suburban areas surrounding Detroit to see films created by local Detroit talent. One show caught my attention when the schedule for the festival released and it was “The Force,” a documentary of the Oakland police in California. The challenges and stigmas they faced on a daily basis after their history and their present day scandals were filmed closely from a personal perspective of important in the government of Oakland.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who finds interest in cops violating laws and committing scandals. Also, to people who support cops and want to see what happens with cops when there is a constant surveillance on them.

This documentary displayed primarily the scandal situations going on in Oakland in the past years, it showed a situation where one cop meet a young female who was targeted for prostitution and they became friends. Then after that cop and the female had sexual relations, the cop then introduced the female to other cops and they all participated in sexual relations with the female. The situation came to the attention of the mayor of Oakland and all those cops were indefinitely suspended from the force. The documentary highlighted other events as well but it was headlined by the situation explained above.

Overall, the documentary shed light on situations happening in Oakland that could have went unnoticed or kept secret but they were exposed to the light. The situations coming to the light forced the mayor to deal with the situation head on and everything about it was recorded. The documentary was presented in the Cinema Detroit located on Third street in Midtown near Wayne State campus.


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