Feature Hunting: First Attempt

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My feature hunting experience was an exceptional one and it was unique to me because it was at the place I am employed. It was an exciting because there happens to be a community event going in the common lounge area presented by Dr. Brittany Carter-Snell and her company Zo Skin Health.

Carter-Snell presented the line of Zo Skin Health care products to attendees of the event on Wednesday. The event was small, but the people who attended paid attention very well and enjoyed the presentation. Jacklyn Artest, Public Relations Manager for The Scott at Brush Park, helped Carter-Snell set up this opportunity to spread the knowledge of the product. The presentation for Zo Skin Health Care by Carter-Snell occurred from 6pm-8pm on Wednesday evening and she continued to stay later to answer questions from people.

My first feature story hunting experience came along quite well and even though my event didn’t have an outstanding amount of people, I still took a lot of solid quality photos. Approaching the crowd and people within was the least frightening part and it came natural to me so I did that as soon as I came into the area where the event took place.

Taking down names and asking questions to the people enjoying the event was simple and did not take a lot of time. I was a bit nervous to take pictures of people I didn’t know for the first time simply because it was my first time but after ten photos I gained a sense of confidence and took over 50 photos.

I relished in the opportunity to do a feature story because it was exciting to go outside my comfort zone and shine light on a story that may be of help to a certain individual who will see my blog, tweet, or Instagram post!


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