The Aftermath of Trump’s victory

The aftermath of Trump’s victory has sent a wave through many students and community members in the Wayne State area. There has been protests and rage coming from one side and on the other, there has been acceptance and a sense of calmness. Since that day on November 8, 2016, the Wayne state students have let their voice be heard.

“We decided to get a bunch of people together to protest against Trump being President so we started our march from Gullen Mall in the heart of campus to Campus Martias in Downtown,” said Wayne State student Rob Calimente. The students who participated in this march started at Gullen Mall and in about 45 minutes they arrived to Campus Martias where the march ending but the chants did not. The chants went on for hours and they weren’t exactly appropriate but they matched the attitudes of these students.


On the other side, Trump supporters felt a sense of relief for a few different reasons. One reason was highlighted by Wayne state student Christopher Popovich when he said,”I felt better knowing that Hilary Clinton is not in office, like that would’ve been bad. Anyone else besides Clinton was what I was going for.” The other reasons were scattered from Trump being able to save the economy to Trump has the right ideas for the treatment of immigrants.

Michigan has not elected a Republican president since 1988 and that could have sparked tensions in the area.

The chart above shows the results of the people I interviewed on the street about their level of satisfaction with Trump being elected as President. The amount of people who favored Trump weren’t very vocal about their views before and after the results of the Presidential election.

Wayne state student Brian Blackburn said “I felt that I would be judge heavily for supporting Trump, I think he was the better candidate of the two and has a good business mindset, I believe he can help a lot of people who haven’t been attended to in a while.”

This was a real issue that kept circulating once it became official that would Trump would be the next President because there a good handful of protests bashing Trump.

So in the aftermath of Trump being elected as president, supporters of him have kept quiet and those who oppose him have been vocal with how they are feeling about this situation.


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