My First Ever Twinery

My first twine game experience was a memorable since we started to learn how to use codes online and create stories on Twine. We worked in a group of 5 and all of my co-workers and myself worked diligently to complete this game to give knowledge of our subject.

Our game was about the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States, and it covered the lives of 5 individuals who were directly impacted by this movement beginning with the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin. Our goal f0r this project was to show the Black Lives Matter as best we could from the point of view of the person’s affected. We took as much information as we could from websites that described how the situations of these deceased individuals.

My portion of the slides included the ones about Michael Brown and the fatal shooting he suffered near his home in Ferguson, Missouri. I believe the slides I created were successful in showing my audience about the events leading up to the shooting of Michael Brown and the events immediately following after. The goal I set out to achieve in this game was for the person playing this game to feel like they were watching this incident happening or they would feel like they were in the mind of Michael Brown.

The affordances of Twine are unlimited as a creative tool for many reasons. Twine allows a person to see the perspective of another and it allows important news to be displayed on a more interactive platform. Other media platforms can’t match the level of interactivity that Twine allows because Twine only works if the person interacts with the story.

The new lessons I learned from Twine mostly came from failure in creating the game, from forgetting the codes to link the necessary photos and videos on my slides. Once I figured out how to do these things without looking at the instructions everything began to flow better and I caught groove while working in Twine. The feeling of seeing the finished product was worth all the work and I was very proud of our group’s efforts.

This game is primarily about racial issues and the racism that certain individuals have faced in their lives. I plan to cover the topic of Colin Kaepernick’s situation in the NFL, because he has faced racial issues lately and continues to with some of the comments posted under his Instagram photos and on other social media platforms.

Our Twine game related to my life in a way, because I am an African-American male and even though I don’t face racism, it is still good to be aware of the events going on around the country. My awareness of the Black Lives Matter has risen mostly because I am of a different color and I think that is quite uneducated for anyone to be judged by the color of their skin.

I believe our Twine game successfully displayed the Black Lives Matter movement through the eyes of the deceased individuals who made this movement become real.


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