Vice Presidential Debate

Last night, the Vice Presidential debate between Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine and Republican Gov. Mike Pence reminded us all of the presidential debate that took place last week. The debate took place at Longwood University in Farmville, VA and the moderator was Elaine Quijano.

This Vice Presidential debate drew the smallest audience compared to the 2008 and 2012 debate, according to the Nielsen ratings.

When talking about the moderator, Elaine Quijano, she did a exceptional job of controlling the debate all night between these vice presidential candidates.


Issues concerning war came up in this debate with both sides choosing their perspective opinion.

The subject of alliances was discussed as well and it was said very well by Sen. Kaine.

This stress of making alliances an important issue to us Americans helps us keep everyone here as safe as possible. The more alliances we have, the more prepared we will during emergencies.

Gov. Pence also spoke on the security of America, and to a degree he was correct about how we should feel secure here at home before we give support out to other countries.

Both candidates made strong points when they weren’t going to at each other’s political party.

Fact checking has become the more popular thing to do during these presidential debates. It is almost becoming as entertaining as watching the debate itself, so as the attention around this fact checking phenomena has grown, it has caught my eye as well.

Gov. Pence also branched to his own opinion about how his political party and running mate Donal Trump,”Can make America great again.”

There have been many rumors surrounding Senator Hillary Clinton since she decided to run for President in the past year, but Sen. Kaine pointed out the fact that she is well respected in the political realm, and this surprised me.

Sen. Kaine did well by defending his running mate and shining a new light on Sen. Clinton’s situation.

The conclusion of the Vice Presidential debate was discussed by local reporters and the newscasters at CNN. They reviewed the debate and also had the chance to speak on their opinions of how the debate went and how it could impact the Presidential race.

The Vice Presidential debate in my eyes did not make that much of an impact on the Presidential race but it did make me favor Trump less, as Gov. Pence reminded me of him a few times.

During the debate I missed a few quotes but as I went through Twitter there were a few that caught my eye.

This last post was actually just funny to me, it allowed true feelings to be expressed. Enjoy!


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