First Presidential Debate

During the first presidential debate of the year between Senator Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump there were agreements, disagreements and a whole lot of laughs. Trump believed in everything said, even though a lot of it was not true. Trump constantly cut off Clinton and Lester Holt, who was asking the questions. Trump should have been suspended from the next question because of the time he took away from Clinton and the overall debate. So, from that perspective I believe that was the one way the debate could have been handled better.

Another issue that happened during this debate was the unwillingness of Trump or Clinton to actually answer the question asked. Trump would swerve around topics and revert to pass subjects and make himself seem more prominent. Clinton would just address the topic at first very strongly but throughout the debate she would keep her statements shorter.

The matter in which both parties spoke about the racial tensions in America was done very well and I believe they both put in their actual thoughts about it. Racial issues have risen over the past few years and they both planned to control them in different ways. Clinton began to speak about the relationships between cops and the communities. That is HUGE! The issues start in each community with the relationships between minorities and inner-city inhabitants.

Although, Clinton seemed more prepared for her debate and was concise and to the point about her stance on subjects, Trump was the opposite. Trump intentionally kept interrupting her throughout the debate.

This was the first time I had watched the presidential debate in my life and it was not what I expected it to be. The time frame that was set for the two candidates to follow was all messed up and they overlapped the time permitted to one another. Certain issues were not discussed because of this and I wonder if that was planned by Trump or Clinton?

Overall, this first presidential debate opened new views of the candidates as they were asked to speak on rising issues as if they were actually going to be president. In all fairness, I believe Clinton won this first round of debates because of her preparedness. Trump took shots at Clinton at all night, and Clinton simply shrugged, or even laughed in some cases at the accusations that were thrown on her.

I’m looking forward to the next Presidential debate, October 9, which should be interesting as new issues and policies will have to be addressed.


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